10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

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If you are looking to upgrade your phone, what exactly are you doing with your old phone?  Don’t tell me you are just stashing it away somewhere in a drawer!?!  There are quite a few good uses for your old phones that you probably haven’t thought of yet.  There’s still time even though you may think your old phone is outdated.  Let’s take a look a few uses for your old phone.

1:  Extra Security Camera

If you have a phone with a camera and it’s from 2010 and beyond, you’ll be pleased to know that you can very quickly turn the phone into an extra security camera.  How to do this?  Simple, we recommend downloading the app “Alfred.”  You must download the Alfred app on your old phone(s) and link them together into a single account.

Once you do this, you’ll have a network of security cameras where you can watch potential burglars or keep tabs on your home (or office) whenever you aren’t there.  A major bonus to the Alfred app is that it’s free, plus you can access your cameras online on any PC or Smartphone!

2:  Smart TV Remote Control

TV’s are using less Infrared and more Wi-Fi connected device integration, meaning traditional remote controls are being rooted out.  On some TV’s, like the Roku Smart TV’s, you can access and even power up your TV using your Smartphone.  Why not connect your old phones to this capability and turn the other phones into Remote Controls?

If you invest $60 in the Chromecast Ultra device, you could beam videos from your Android or Apple phone from apps like YouTube!

3:  Main Smart Home Control Device

You can certainly add both the remote control and other smart home functions like lighting, AC controls through the Nest app, and much more.  Have your old phone turned into the primary device for these functions so that you have everything in one place!

If you have a Google Pixel, you can turn the phone into an Extra Google Home Hub of some kind since these phones have Google Assistant Built In.  Simply Ask “Hey Google, Turn on the Lights,” and you’ll find a neat use for the phone.  (Google Home Hubs can cost up to $250!)

4:  GPS Device

Little do people know that you can download Google Maps (using the Google Map app) so that data won’t be downloaded.  Plus it’s not necessarily true that you need a SIM card for tracking ability when on the road.  So you could turn your old Phone into a GPS device for your car!  Of course, you’ll need to make sure your phone has offline GPS capability.

To do this you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Open the “Hamburger Menu”
  • Select “Offline Maps”
  • Select “Select Area”
  • Proceed to Highlight the Area You Want to Download
  • Google Maps will tell you how much space it will take

Also, things may be different if you have an Apple phone vs an Android phone!

5:  Extra Trackpad for Your Computer

Unified Remote Server, an app available on Android and iOS will allow you to turn your device into a new Trackpad (Mouse) for your PC.  You’ll need to download software for the PC to do this, but other to then that it’s super easy to get started!

6:  Your Kid’s Phone

Ok, we get it, this kind of device may not be the right thing to do for your child.  They could get addicted to Ryan’s Toy Review and those stupid Toy Opening videos.  Still, as any parent could tell you, raising a child is no easy matter.  There are only a few studies stating that watching videos on a phone is bad for your kid, but giving them a distraction before they let out a tantrum may be a good thing if there’s a sensitive situation.  Plus, there’s plenty of apps and games geared towards younger children that are safe (enough).

7:  For Emergencies

You might not know this, but your phone can still potentially work even if there’s no sim card.  About two years ago, the President sent out a Mass Text to the US using his own Presidential channel.  A phone without a SIM Card, located inside the United States would still receive this kind of message.  If there’s any sort of emergency, you can still use a smartphone to send an emergency call also!

8:  White Noise Maker

Apps like White Noise Pro can turn a phone into what is known as a White Noise Maker.  If you have a baby that wakes up easily, you can set a soothing “Rain on the Roof” or Ocean Sound to bring in some noise to distract the baby.  Also, most people do find a soothing white noise machine useful for sleeping this way you can keep the old phone for this instance!

9:  Donate the Phone

Lots of people are in need of a phone, including wounded warriors, the homeless and more.  Through a company like CellPhonesforSoliders.com, you could help a veteran receive a phone at no cost.

10:  eReader

Although the screen isn’t the ideal size for reading.  You could turn the old phone into a eReader with a wide array of books and audiobooks.