10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

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If you are looking to upgrade your phone, what exactly are you doing with your old phone?  Don’t tell me you are just stashing it away somewhere in a drawer!?!  There are quite a few good uses for your old phones that you probably haven’t thought of yet.  There’s still time even though you may […]

How to Make Money Online (45+ Ideas)

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People everywhere are considering side hustle gigs due to their flexible work schedule and earning potential.  Sure, you may not earn a career-like wage ride-sharing your car.  Plus, with the way technology is, UBER can be outrun by automatic cars. Calculate Working From Home Do you value time or money? [bt_cc id=”14808″] If you have […]

15 Ways That Help You Sell DVDs (CDs and Blu Rays)

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Let’s face it:  You’re getting older and with that so is technology.  DVDs are becoming an ancient form of media alongside Blu Rays and CDs (Yes those).  If you don’t start thinking about getting rid of these discs, you may end up with a collection of plastic inside your garage taking up large amounts of […]