Sell Your Old Phone for Cash!

Sell Your Old Phone for Cash!

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Are you considering upgrading your iPhone to the latest model?  Or perhaps you have an interest in another phone?  Either way, selling your used phone is something you should be doing!  You’ll be able to use those dollars towards the purchase of your newer phone or save it in general.

Selling your phone these days is easy, plus you don’t have to sell it considering that there are many second-hand uses for old smartphones these days.

Gazelle is a useful online service that will take your old phone off your hands through a seamless dashboard, all done online and through the US mailbox system.

Best App to Sell Your Phones? Gazelle

Gazelle: quick to sell…and a quick animal

If you are seeking top dollar for your phone and can wait a few days, then perhaps Gazelle may not be in your best interest.  Gazelle won’t offer you top dollar where you may get more for your money in other places like OfferUp, LetGo, or eBay.  Here are some reasons why you should consider Gazelle though:

No need to meet

Having been a frugal person, you probably have sold stuff through craigslist and other in person avenues.  You’ll then realize what a pain it is to schedule a meeting…in a safe area.  Gazelle will eliminate this because they’ll offer you a quote, you agree to it, and the rest is pretty much taken care of.

This may be the best reason to sell since it’s the safest way to sell a phone!

Price Lock

If you’ve described your phone accurately to Gazelle, you’ll be pleased to know that once you agree to a quote, you’ll likely receive that amount through PayPal around 7+ days.  In this world of technological breakthroughs at any given moment, that’s a nice benefit to have!

It’s Super EASY!

Because you won’t be meeting anywhere, and everything is mailed relatively quickly to your mailbox, it’s easy to send the product right back to Gazelle for your money.

Sure you have to wait a couple of days for the whole thing to commence into your bank account but given the lack of stress in dealing with people, you’ll be pleased with the process!  FYI: you won’t even need tape to send it back!

Once It’s Accepted…

So once Gazelle has confirmed your device, and has paid you, that effectively ends the transaction.  However, if you sold it through eBay or maybe even OfferUp you have the potential for someone to say “Nah, it’s no good,” or “I happened to have dropped it off my building and it’s broken…I want a refund.”  Sadly, eBay protects buyers more than sellers and you might even have to pay a refund for situations like these.  Using Gazelle, it’s OVER once you get your money.  *Sigh of relief*

Why You Should NOT Use Gazelle

There are some slight disadvantages when it comes to Gazelle and it’s service.  Let’s take a look at why you might not want to use Gazelle.

The Only Reason:  Quoted Price

We’ll be honest, we didn’t get a high price for our Google Pixel XL when we sent it in.  In fact, if you do a simple eBay search for your potential phone sale like what we did for our Google Pixel, you’ll see that you will not get what want for it through Gazelle.  Gazelle is a big company that has reasons for it’s lower price offering including:

  • Paying Employees
  • Protecting Against Potential Returns
  • Postage
  • Damage in Shipping

If you are confident in the other marketplaces, you might want to consider them, but if you want an easy solution for selling your phone and getting it off your hands, Gazelle is amazing!

How to Send In Your Phone to Gazelle

Once you’ve agreed to sell your phone to Gazelle, it’s straightforward to get your money, but the process is simple and sending it back is a breeze.  Here is what it looks like when you receive the Gazelle box.

Gazelle Box
Open the box and find your packaging and info inside!

You’ll receive the box above within 2-3 business days and it comes with a return label inside.  Other stuff inside includes receipt of the quote, instructions for factory resetting your device (including iPhone devices), packaging so the device won’t get damaged on the route back, and finally a piece of tape for you to close the box with.

gazelle tape
The attention to detail of including the piece of Gazelle tape was impressive!

Finally, slap on the prepaid return label and stick it in the mailbox and you are set.  Once they receive the device back, you’ll get your funds quickly enough, plus you can get an extra 3% if you tell them you’d like it in the form of an Amazon Gift Card!!

Buying a Gazelle iPhone (or Android)

Gazelle Devices including iPhones are actually pretty good steals.  They can be found on eBay and through Gazelle’s own website.  Because you are buying used, you should take note of the condition of the device and also how old the technology is.  For example, maybe it’s worth a few extra bucks to pay for the iPhone 7 than with an iPhone 5.  Gazelle has a good return policy should a device not be worth it, or break.  Also, take note of the devices:

  • Carrier (make sure it’s compatible)
  • Hard Drive Space
  • Camera Specs

Each iPhone is certified through its own process, so take that with a grain of salt.  Buying used, however, could save you tons of cash in the long run!

Our Verdict…

[letsreviewunique score_subtitle=”Gazelle” conclusion_title=”Easy Peazy Phone Sale” affiliate_title=”Sell Your Old Phones” pros_title=”Why You Should Try It” pros=”Safety is Key,Shipping and Packaging is Included,No Return Worries” cons_title=”Why You Should Not Try It” cons=”Quoted Price Well Below Others” criterias=”Ease of Use,96,Financial Impact,89″ affiliate=”Gazelle,” accent=”#dd9933″ final_score=”92″ format=”3″ skin=”1″ animation=”2″ design=”1″]Though you won’t get a ton of money for any given device when you compare it elsewhere, Gazelle is the safest and most efficient place to sell your old devices. [/letsreviewunique]

FTC Disclaimer: **I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Gazelle Affiliate Program

Looking for the Gazelle Affiliate Program?  Not so easy to find is it?  Actually, like many e-commerce merchants you could always check the bottom of a page, otherwise known as a footer, and check for the verbiage:  “Become an Affiliate” or “Affiliate Program.”  Ah yes, there it is!  What do ya know…it’s on the Share A Sale network!  The nice thing here is that you’ll earn money for Gazelle Trade-Ins and Purchases!

Other Apps to Sell Your Cell Phones

Depending on what kind of money or even risk you want to take plays a factor in each specific place to sell your cell phone.


ebay sellWith eBay, you have the biggest used electronic marketplace online.  It’s that simple.  However, you’ll need to take a few quality photos of your phone, make sure it’s described EXACTLY how you would want to present it.  Here are some vital details to include if you’re going to sell:

  • Include the Carrier (or if it’s unlocked)
  • Condition (Including the word USED helps, even though it’s obvious)
  • Take any pictures and describe the issues in detail
  • Make sure whoever is bidding has positive feedback

The last bullet may be up for debate, but coming from experience, selling on eBay is a bit risky if you don’t know if the seller has previously bought something before.  In some cases, a buyer will take advantage of eBay’s Buyer Protection and use a product for 30 days, and they want a full return.  Other mistakes are not describing to a tee, and let the seller (even after purchase) know about the potential issue.  If things go without communication, you will likely hear back from the buyer wanting some refund.  Yes, this happens way too much!


OfferUp, along with Craigslist are great places to sell used phones.  We recommend OfferUp because it allows you to see who is a verified person beforehand and you can fund your account digitally.  The best ways to sell your phone on these types of avenues including:

  • Include Carrier Information
  • Condition with many pictures
  • Price according to competition
  • Always meet in a public location with security cameras

See what other people are selling a similar phone for and mark it accordingly.  With OfferUp you never know if someone sold something at face cost, so it’s always good to see what’s out there first.  Also, when someone contacts you about buying you should first make sure he/she is verified.  Another tip for negotiations could include ways to trade for other goods.  OfferUp does allow you to scan a potential buyer’s offers so perhaps you can work out a deal!

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