Neat Google Maps Hack for Android Users

Neat Google Maps Hack for Android Users

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For those with BYOD plans and sometimes worry about going over your data limits, Google Maps is an essential app when you are driving from one place to another.  Rivaling the Apple Maps app that iOS devices provides, Google has a few more features like Street View, user input, and more.  You could argue because of this that Google Maps is slightly more essential for traveling.  So now that you’ve hit the road, just how much data does Google Maps use when driving on the road?

According to multiple sources, if you drive constantly for one hour, Google Maps will only take on about 5MB of data.  For that are curious 1000MB (Megabyte) is equal to 1GB (Gigabyte).  So Google Maps is a fairly efficient app when it comes to most apps.  Some apps take up large amounts of memory and data, (*cough*) Facebook Messenger.

Little Known Google Maps Feature

We think having a handy device for GPS, whether that be an older smartphone, or tablet capable of downloading map apps like Google Maps is fairly useful.  Because GPS isn’t necessarily something you acquire when you get a mobile plan like T-Mobile or Verizon, you can actually download Maps and Directions beforehand on Google Maps and have an extra GPS device handy.  To do this you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Open the “Hamburger Menu”
  • Select “Offline Maps”
  • Select “Select Area”
  • Proceed to Highlight the Area You Want to Download
  • Google Maps will tell you how much space it will take

Below are the instructional pictures to show you the steps:

Hamburger Menu
Note the Hamburger Icon on the Top Left
Select Offline Maps
Select “Offline Maps”
settings for Offline Maps
Make sure to download over Wi-Fi and Not Your Data Plan!!
Download Screen Google Maps
Finally, the download screen


What are you waiting for!!

There you have it!  Download the maps offline so it uses no data over your cell plan.  Even if you choose not to download, Google Maps is an efficient App to utilize!

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