How to Make Money Online (45+ Ideas)

How to Make Money Online (45+ Ideas)

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People everywhere are considering side hustle gigs due to their flexible work schedule and earning potential.  Sure, you may not earn a career-like wage ride-sharing your car.  Plus, with the way technology is, UBER can be outrun by automatic cars.

Calculate Working From Home Do you value time or money?

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If you have time and want to earn some side money, earning through these apps and services below makes a ton of sense!  Some of these have amazing income potential!

Delivery (Food and Grocery)

Turn your car or bicycle into a money making machine by delivering stuff

1:  UBER Eats

You know about UBER and how it can’t be beaten for a super-easy way to make money in your spare time. But many drivers avoid the side opportunity of UBER Eats.  You can avoid picking up strangers and instead delivery those strangers food items like Pasta, Chinese, and even McDonald’s.

2:  DoorDash

Like UBER Eats, you’ll be delivering food to those who want delivery whenever the time comes.  Sign up, turn the app on, and pick and choose those available deliveries looking for drivers.  You’ll need a few things like:

  • Clean Driver’s License
  • Car for Deliveries
  • Background Check (Copy included to you at no cost)
  • SSN

3:  Postmates

Expand your offerings by becoming a Postmate and deliver things like Food…and stuff from Walgreens.  You could always use a bike if you live in a city!

4:  Instacart

Like Grocery Shopping?  Shop on behalf of customers and deliver them promptly through this app.  Like many of the apps, you’ll get to pick whenever you work, much like how UBER works so it’s a flexible side gig, plus you can earn tips along the way.


5:  Shipt

While Instacart dominates most local grocery chains, you could always sign up for Shipt also.  One of the major advantages of Shipt is their partnership with Target, so if you have clientele who love that place, you’ll earn more money.

Ride Sharing

We’ve entered the world of turning your car into a taxi, transporting people for money.

6:  UBER

The pretty obvious choice for ride sharing.  Because of the sheer size of the users onboard you may find an opportunity within steps of your house, no matter if you live in a city or a more rural environment.  People need to get to places, and cars won’t be self-driving legally for a while.

7:  Lyft

Lyft, the UBER alternative, has grown massively in popularity. Plenty of drivers sign on for both. Shh! We won’t tell if you want to do that. Lyft offers unique opportunities like delivery for Taco Bell, Disney, Local Hospitals and more.

Space Sharing (i.e., Airbnb)

Rent out your own space for extra bucks.

8:  Airbnb

A home for others to stay at for a night or two can be a bit scary.  Thanks to Airbnb’s Co-Host option you’ll be able to list homes, rentals, whatever property you may have and have a concierge service, so as a lister you won’t have to worry about logistics and as a renter, you can be sure you are speaking to the right person involved.


9:  VRBO

Although this is a more premium version of Airbnb, where you’ll rent out entire houses, mansions, or beachfront condos, VRBO is recognized as one of the best places to find a vacation home.  Listing your home is super easy, and with a customer support team readily available 24/7 it’s a tremendous first alternative to Airbnb.

10:  HomeAway

Like VRBO, the focus here is renting out full places, not just rooms or cohabited places.  We’ll spare you the extra details and say it’s a great alternative to VRBO (great for bigger homes and condos).

11:  RVShare

Well, looky here!  Have an RV that you like to use a lot but have times where it is not being used?  Try this service that acts as an “Airbnb” of RV rentals.  Boasting an already decent selection of RV’s you’ll be a part of a community that is growing in size and demand.    Millennials value freedom and travel before owning a house so the idea of renting out your RV could be a lucrative side business.  RVShare sports the most extensive database of RVs around and listing your RV is easy as cake.

12:  Outdoorsy

While there’s no RV in its name, Outdoorsy is indeed the alternative to RVShare.  Some might argue it’s a tad more user-friendly for a potential renter, but listing your RV on both sites couldn’t hurt.

13: Boatsetter

People dream of hosting a Wedding on a Yacht.  Empower people to take trips out on the water whether it’s for fishing or an event; you can turn your boat or vessel into a side gig.  Much like Airbnb, you’ll rent out a half a day or full day trips on the sea.  Boatsetter is the premier marketplace for listing your Yacht or Boat.

14:  Hipcamp

Live on a large piece of land?  You can rent out land by the day using this app.  Campers and tourists will often seek places to stay or park their RVs and here is the solution for it!

Survey Taking

Want to make some quick cash by merely using your info?  Try filling out some of our partner surveys.

Side Note:  Those claiming $100 per survey might be misrepresenting the apps…sure they might exist occasionally but VERY RARE if not extinct.  However, you can always go back forth using these options

15:  Opinion Outpost

If you love giving your opinion things like demographics and shopping habits, you’ll find a ton of survey options.  Opinion Outpost will send you questionnaires only if you fit a certain demographic, and if you fill out the surveys you’ll earn points towards gift cards.

16:  Pinecone Research

Research companies like Pinecone conduct surveys for demographic research and shopping habits.  You’ll be rewarded with PayPal gift cards and more just for filling out answers like your age and your location.

17:  Survey Junkie

Are you looking for a place to score easy surveys on a more consistent basis?  Survey Junkie has been around for years and is a stable place to find surveys.  Some surveys require a specific demographic like the other survey companies, but generally speaking, you’ll find surveys no matter your background.

18:  Swagbucks

Love watching Movies?  Like playing Video Games?  Swagbucks is a point based marketplace where you’ll earn points for taking surveys, playing games, and more.  Swagbucks is widely considered the best in this space and if you haven’t tried it out…what are you waiting for?!

swagbucks hsa given
That’s…quite a number!

19:  MyPoints

Prodege, which owns Swagbucks also owns MyPoints.  You’ll find the same business model under a different user interface (look).

20:  PointClub

Operating similarly to the Swagbucks and MyPoints platform, you’ll have unique ways to earn points…which can then be redeemed for gift cards.  Remember, gift cards can always be sold on secondary marketplaces like eBay!

21:  InboxDollars

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind receiving emails…lots of emails…then you might want to consider InboxDollars.  You’ll get survey taking opportunities along with some other ways to earn money like clipping coupons and playing games!  Supposedly more than $57,000,000 has been given out from this service!!

Specialty Services

If you have a passion or have deep knowledge of a specific category, you might want to try these apps out (depending on your interest)

22:  Soothe

If you are a licensed Massage Therapist, you are missing out on a terrific side gig opportunity.  Although you’ll pay a small finder’s fee for potential Massage clients, it’s worthy of a look.  You will likely have to meet these customers at their homes or offices and perform some a Massage.

23: Shortcuts

Are you a barber or hairstylist?  Probably a surprise to noone that there’s also an app for setting up and getting your hair cut by a selection of barbers nearby.  Be a part of the growing community and make it easy for someone to get their ears lowered.

24:  JustAnswer

Are you a lawyer, or someone that people seem to seek out advice?  JustAnswer has a great platform that pays you for each answer you provide for questions.  If you have experience with Yahoo! Answers, you’ll be right at home with JustAnswer.

25:  Sittercity

People will always have children, and with that, daycare will also be a necessity.  Sittercity is considered a top online destination for those who are seeking babysitter or daycare related positions.  Be sure to have your background checked and experience regarded as a prime deciding factor.  Check out our post on how to work with Sittercity and why it’s a safe option for Babysitters and those looking for them!

26:  Handy

If you love cleaning houses (LOL), then you should consider entering the Handy Marketplace.  People often look for one-time or recurring cleaning services for their homes and offices but fail to find a consistent place to find cleaners.  Handy fills this need with a user-friendly marketplace full of Home and Office Cleaners along with necessary repairs.

27:  Rover

Like Dogs and have some experience taking care of them? Rover is the solution for you!  You’ll be placed in a directory of dog walkers, dog boarders, and dog communicators when you sign up for the service.  Rover has recently bought DogVacay, another dog boarding service so that these guys will be around for quite a while.

rover cover

28:  HelloTech

Are you a techie, computer geek, or phone guy?  HelloTech is an on-demand tech repair and smart home installing service that connects clients with geeks.  The demand is low for workers in some areas, but if you have the skills, you should look into it as there could be an opportunity to make real money for your knowledge.

29:  Puls

Puls, formerly known as Cellsavers, is an alternative that has a similar business model to HelloTech but focuses on Cell Phone repair along with TV Mount and Smart Home setup.  You’ll take calls on your app and bid on potential cell phone repairs.

30:  Thumbtack

Becoming the primary replacement for the Yellow Pages, people can submit a project or contractor job through this service and have people bid on their projects.  If you are any sort of contractor or own business like Cell Phone Repair, DJ Services, or Home Improvement, you should have Thumbtack on your radar!

31:  Porch

Similar to the functionality of the Thumbtack app, but with a focus on Home Improvement, you can always expand as a contractor to this service as the app grows itself!

32:  Gigsalad

Another alternative to Thumbtack but this time unlike Porch, the focus of this app is to provide an avenue for singers, DJs and more.

33:  TaskRabbit

Recently partnering up with the ever-so-popular furniture store, IKEA, TaskRabbit is like the freelance assembly of furniture app.  Sure, you don’t have to assemble just IKEA stuff, you can also be a handyman or moving person too!

34:  Decluttr

Selling old stuff is a lot of fun…said nobody ever.  Chance are though, that you have stuff lying around that could be sold for a few bucks.  Sure, you could meet someone from craigslist or OfferUp, but when it comes to selling electronics and media (like DVDs) your best bet is Decluttr.

Internet-Based Work

Wouldn’t you rather stay in your PJs and get some work done?  Here are the apps that enable work from home!

35:  Fancy Hands

If you have experience in administrative tasks, then you may be a fit as a Virtual Assistant.  Widely misconceived as a secretary and filled with mundane tasks with an app like Fancy Hands you can help potential clients fill travel itineraries, type emails, follow people of social networks and more.

36:  QKids

If you have a passion for teaching and have a bit of time on your hands, then consider tutoring over the internet!  QKids is a unique tutoring app that will connect you with overseas children looking to learn the English language.

37:  TranscribeMe 

Have a decent grasp of the English language and have a decent typing speed?  Online proofreading jobs for beginners like TranscribeMe offer work for those with downtime and the time to learn about transcribing.  It’s not for everyone and does require you to pass a test to proceed.  You’ll be asked questions like “What is the correct way to timestamp your file?”

38:  Rev

Much like other Transcription services, you’ll need to take a test and pass it to become a Freelancer of the Rev app.  Rev is becoming a more popular choice for Transcribists due to the sheer volume of works involved.  You can caption videos, become a translator, or be a general transcriber of Rev PDFs.

39:  Moonlighting

Looking for a unique alternative to get into the freelancer or independent contractor game?  Moonlighting is a newer entrant to the field and already has a decent following on the East Coast.  You’ll find Handymen to Copywriters!

40:  Fiverr

Another freelancing site, with a catch.  Mostly everything you do is sold for $5.  Sure, you could charge more for your services, but the most popular vendors appear to be consistent with pricing and quality.   You can write blog posts, give advice on business, or be a social media consultant.


41:  Upwork

It’s the number one place to be a freelancer online.  This is true online work, and expect to be managed if you have the skills to be put to use. Jobs can be ranging from large-scale projects to simple edits of websites or documents.  If you are familiar with eLance, then you’ll like Upwork, considering that this company used to run under that name.

Become an Online Teacher

If you have a skill or advanced experience, you have something to sell.  It’s now easier than ever to start your own teaching business!

42:  Teachable

If you or someone you know is an expert in their field, that is something of value these days.  The internet now allows you to reach potential students without a teaching degree.  There are several solutions if you want to teach, let’s say a Microsoft Excel course.  With many solutions, Teachable offers branding and an unusually clean interface that allows you, as a teacher and entrepreneur, to control your destiny.

Here’s an example of a Teachable website:

Look this example up on Google, and you’ll find metadata information already inserted.  This is all thanks to the Teachable software and its branding.  Another large benefit to Teachable is their built-in affiliate marketing software.  With affiliate marketing, you can have others sell your product if you think they’d be able to attract more users to your school.

There is a drawback here, and that it does have a price tag attached.  See prices below:

Teachable Pricing

Teachable vs UDemy

Udemy is a marketplace to find lessons on pretty much anything including sewing, SEO, Yoga, you name it.  Udemy is has a reputable hosting platform should you want to enter the marketplace and become a teacher on there.  The main differences we suggest going to Teachable would be:

  • Branding Opportunity
  • Affiliate Integration is nicer
  • Fees are less depending on your plan
  • Coupon Codes Sharable
  • Overall Look and Feel is More Customizable

Teachable vs Thinkific

Of all the competitors that Teachable may have, Thinkific has the most competitive benefits.  You’ll find similar options like Affiliate Marketing integration, easy setup, and support, and the dashboard is also pretty.  Here are some reasons why we still suggest Teachable:

  • Customer Support
  • Basic Plan is $10 more per month

One thing we will say about Thinkific is that they offer a Free Unlimited plan.  Why is that?  So you get your program up and running without having to force you to pay anything beforehand. We love this feature and it makes a terrific alternative to Teachable.

Unique Money Making Apps

You are probably tired of reading UBER and LYFT as side hustles on lists and are wondering where the really unique opportunities lie.  Well, here are some unique opportunities that might blow you away with potential!

43:  Referrizer

Affiliate Marketing is a concept that has been around for several years now and powers many e-commerce businesses, blogs and news sources.  But how about local and small businesses like Restaurants, Hair Salons, and others?  Remember: Affiliate Marketing is merely a way for someone to refer others to a store and in turn, they could make money.  

Referrizer is a unique company in that you can empower small businesses to allow fellow customers to refer a restaurant and they’ll be rewarded with a commission.  You’ll act as a small business advocate and recruit small businesses to enable this marketing aspect!  Here’s what we mean:

  1. You Sign Up with Referrizer
  2. You Get A Restaurant to Sign Up and Implement (Referrizer takes care of that)
  3. A Customer Comes in and likes the Restaurant
  4. Restaurant tells Customers They Can Refer Others Through Facebook and Earn Money
  5. You Earn Money Each Time Restaurant Keeps Referrizer

This is a unique opportunity that many are not taking advantage of because it’s a tad complicated.  Be the educator, and middleman of Referrizer and you could earn a stable living if you recruit many local businesses!

Income Potential: $50-$10000/mo

44:  Sell Your Photos

Everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera, and yet only a few people take this advantage as a businessperson.  You can certainly make money selling quality pictures using these services:

  • Foap
  • IconZoomer
  • JobSpotter (by Indeed)
  • Snapwire
  • Stylinity

Although it appears easy at first, you should probably realize the people who have years of photography experience have an edge in this type of opportunity.  Why?  People don’t buy generic and common images.  After all, many bloggers and websites use Free Stock websites like Pexels and Pixabay for their imagery.  You can stand out, however, by taking high quality and striking images where you can imagine a blogger or business utilizing them down the road!

Income Potential:  $5-$500/mo

45:  Open Garden

Located in a busy apartment complex in New York City?  The reason I ask is that there’s an app that will allow you to make money off your…. WIFI Signal! Yes, it’s true you can actually share your internet connection and earn money off of it.

Here’s how the app Open Garden works:

  • Have a high-speed internet connection already established
  • Use a WiFi Router from Open Garden ($29.95)
  • Set Up Open Garden’s App
  • Set Your Own Data Rates for Each Gigabyte Used
  • Make $$$

open garden wifi

It’s certainly a neat concept that offers a solid return for just having an internet connection lying around!

Income Potential: $20-$300 per month


Mystery Shop for Cash

Mystery shopping is a unique way to earn money that many people still fail to grasp.  It could be as simple as taking a photograph of a product at a store to show the manufacturer how well it looks in a store, or how the product fits into a shopping cart.  Think of mystery shopping as a research task to help products and services improve over time.

Interested in getting started?  Here are several apps that will help you get into the mystery shopping field:

46:  Mystery Shopping Apps


One of the best secret shopping App where you can get some extra power to dine and shop for free or discounted price. All that you need is to select a mission nearby and complete it by answering the questions when you arrive the place. As you complete the task Mobee will send you rewards and points to redeem prizes.


If you are looking for an extra paycheck Gigwalk is just for you. Now finding the job most convenient for you in your locality is not a matter of concern anymore. Become a Gigwalker after downloading the app and accept the gigs from leading organizations that you find most feasible to work and get paid instantly.

Easy Shift

Easy shift gives you the opportunity to find the most suitable work or shift in your nearby location. You need to complete a survey and take pictures on-site and get paid within 48 hours. Whether you want to work part time or full time, Easy Shift will help you find that.

Field Agent

Being a Field Agent and making some extra money is one of the easiest ways to make money. Go shopping, dine at your favorite restaurant, take a few pictures there and answer a few questions from the survey. Once you submit the work and perform a few tasks, you get paid.

Job Spotter

Earning while helping is all that Job Spotter gives you. Whenever you see a hiring spot in your community, take its picture and of the storefront and submit it to the Job Spotter. The more you provide such work, the more you can make money.


When little extra observation gets you paid, it is awesome. With the help of Observa, you can make money by just answering a few questions about the targeted product in the store you are visiting. Take its picture and submit the work. It takes a few minutes but can help you earn large.


You can make your shopping experience countable and earn with it. Rewardable gives you the opportunity to provide genuine feedback on the targeted product and the service you attained from a particular store. You can give as much authentic feedbacks and earn while doing so.


Shopalong is one of the best mobile communities for earning money while providing the reliable feedbacks of the stores you have been visiting lately. All that you need is to log all the stores you had visited and provided your experience along with the snapshot of your receipts.

Survey Merchandiser

Survey Merchandiser provides you the opportunity to perform some easy tasks in your nearby stores or shops and earn some extra money every day. You can work in the comfort of your locality, and the jobs are too easy like counting inventories, restocking shelves and taking pictures.

Start Working From Home…

It’s not easy finding work from home jobs, but these are exciting times.  The internet has changed the employment field forever.  It may be that gigs and side work will become the norm.  Get a foot in the door by trying out these amazing side hustle ideas today!

A question we get a lot:  Can You Replace Your Full-Time Income with these Work For Yourself Apps?

We’ve talked to many people on if it’s possible to replace a full-time income with multiple side gig apps, and the representatives tend to distance themselves from that kind of question.  We think it’s possible, but you probably should try to leverage your own career goals and interests into a full-time income, rather than depending on apps to provide your salary.  

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