15 Ways That Help You Sell DVDs (CDs and Blu Rays)

15 Ways That Help You Sell DVDs (CDs and Blu Rays)

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Let’s face it:  You’re getting older and with that so is technology.  DVDs are becoming an ancient form of media alongside Blu Rays and CDs (Yes those).  If you don’t start thinking about getting rid of these discs, you may end up with a collection of plastic inside your garage taking up large amounts of space.  Though you may not think DVDs are valuable, they still can be sold for money!  It was so long ago I was taking in DVDs as a Pawnbroker in downtown Chicago.  People always buy DVDs and Blu Rays because Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or another service wouldn’t carry their favorite Movies or TV Shows (or Music).

Start Selling Your Old DVDs Through These Services

1:  SecondSpin

Once you enter the site, it’s almost as if you were transported back into the late 90s and early 2000’s.  Sure the website doesn’t look so appealing by today’s standards, but they offer a unique way to sell your old DVDs fairly easily.  Look up your UPC on the back of the DVD cover and enter it in through SecondSpins input area:

upc code area

It’s cool if you don’t have the box though, as you can see you can enter in the description or title.  Just be sure to pinpoint precisely what you are selling so that you get the most bang for your buck.  SecondSpin pays out via PayPal, Store Credit, and the ancient Paper Check (mine as well go the whole distance here).

2:  Decluttr

If you want to get rid of not just DVDs, and you want to throw in some other stuff you may want to consider Decluttr.  Decluttr offers one of the best buyback programs around since they’ll take a wide array of items including:

  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Blu Rays
  • Video Games (and consoles)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iPhone
  • Textbooks
  • LEGOs

decluttr lego

Yes, you read right, they’ll even buyback LEGOs.  This is great if you have a grown child that no longer plays with them.  They’ll pay you by the pound, but don’t expect a fortune for them.  For DVDs and other media, you can download the app via iOS and Android and scan barcodes to see how much each item is worth.

The payout is made via PayPal or Check!

3:  FYE

Nostalgia alert!  For Your Entertainment or FYE for short was (and still is) a place for selling old CDs and DVDs.  Customers would casually walk down each aisle of the shop and listen to CDs on their media player with headphones.  Sure it sounds stupid, and maybe a little disgusting…seriously how many people have used those headphones over the years…but people are still loyal to the store.  You may not get much if anything at all for CDs, DVDs, A Tracks (LOL) but you’ll probably get a bit of store credit.

second spin fye sell used dvds

We’ve learned that FYE has partnered up with a store we mentioned before for selling DVDs online…SecondSpin.  Just scroll up a bit and check that site out for those interested in selling online.

4:  Pawn Shops

“I’m Rick Harrison, and you never know WHAT is Walking Through That Door” – Pawn Stars

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I used to be a Pawn Broker.  Occasionally I’ll walk into a Pawn Shop and see what’s hanging around, and you know what?  People still buy and sell DVDs there!  It’s not all too uncommon that a shop will pay 0.50 cents to a $1 for each DVD.  Plus, if it’s a rare DVD or a collectible you can always negotiate for a higher sale price.  That’s the benefit of a Pawn Shop.

People tend to shy away from shops like these because you need to, you know, actually talk to people.  Plus, people think these shops are for drug addicts and such, but it’s not true…OK, we did see a few of those back in the day, but there were plenty of wealthy people who came in to shop for unique items.

5:  SellDVDsOnline.com

Hmm…I wonder what this business is all about?  Yep, they buy DVDs from people!  So this company works a lot like the others but here’s the kicker:  They don’t accept new DVDs.  Why?  Because of the liability factor of not knowing where you’ve acquired them.  In other words, many people steal DVDs, and they want no part of it.  SellDVDsOnline.com is still a great place to sell your Used DVDs because they offer Free Shipping (and printable labels) instantly.  They’ll take CDs and Video Games as well.


Just look up your UPC much like SecondSpin does, and you’ll find the rates available for your DVD collection.  Plus, you can also be paid via PayPal and Check!

6:  eBay

Probably the most obvious choice for selling DVDs and…pretty much anything else would be eBay.  Your odds of successfully selling a DVD increase when you sell through eBay because of the large user base.  Think about it:  the more people looking, the higher the odds of selling.  You can list a DVD collection in full, or you can list per DVD, it’s all up to you.

ebay sell

eBay does charge significant fees because of its business model, but because of it’s ease of use, eBay makes an excellent choice for selling pretty much anything online.  Be sure to write in exactly what the condition of each product is in, or you could have a customer return the product leaving you with the burden of wasted time…and potentially money.  (This happens often)

7:  Garage or Yard Sales

Live in a neighborhood where people always end up having yard sales?  Drop by and see if you can sell your DVD collection with them!  This may not be the most appealing option, but it’s certainly possible.  Plus it’s a way to connect with fellow neighbors.

If you are interested in hosting your garage or yard sale, you can easily do so!  Put up signs near larger intersections pointing in the direction of your sale, or place an ad on Craigslist or your local newspaper.

8:  OfferUp

Though there are competitors in the space the most popular choice amongst secondhand selling through an app would undoubtedly be OfferUp.  It’s super easy to sell pretty much anything include DVDs.

A neat feature on OfferUp, which makes it a bit more safer than it’s craigslist counterpart, is that you can verify identities using your Driver’s License.  This way you may know who you are dealing with when you are selling an item.

OfferUp also just released a function to accept digital payment in addition to domestic shipping so that your items can be sold locally or wherever!

9:  Amazon

People really don’t sell on the e-commerce juggernaut for some reason!  Generally speaking, when you think of Amazon you don’t think of it as a second-hand store but rather a place for quick shipping and a huge selection of products.  Nevertheless, since the beginning of Amazon, it’s a force because of its ability to gather products from other sources and not from Amazon themselves.  Because of this Amazon was able to build a massive catalog of products and they rarely invested in buying a single part!

Amazon Icon

Things have changed since it’s beginning (with Alexa, Kindle, and Fire Sticks), but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t accept your DVDs or other items!  Because it’s still a significant source of e-commerce, Amazon is a fantastic place to list, or ship your DVDs to because they’ll either ship your products out for you once someone buys it…or it’s a place where millions search for products.

You’ll be subject to fees when you sell something of course, but shipping is pretty straightforward, much like eBay is.  You can trade in your stuff through its website: here

10:  Bonavendi

Unlike other DVD and media buyback programs Bonavendi will send out your DVD offer to other vendors asking them for a quote.  You can sell books, video games, DVDs, and CDs through the service.  Once the vendor reaches out with the quote on the particular product, you then select which offer you’d like to sell to!


In case you were wondering Bonavendi likely makes money through Affiliate Marketing and other partnerships.  We talk about Affiliate Marketing a bunch on MoneyHax!

11:  Eagle Saver

It’s a similar service to those above, and they’ll quote you on products like DVDs and Video games using their UPC box.  It’s fairly straightforward.  Different vendors and sites like these vary shipping services and payments though.  These guys utilize USPS and UPS whereas some might use FedEx or something else!


12:  Local CD Shops

While Pawn Shops will buy your DVDs and CDs fairly easily, so will CD Shops.  Like retro Record player stores, you’ll likely find some CD Exchange shops if you live near a major city like Chicago or New York.  Because people will always love to shop “Old School” these types of stores will live on!

jack black high fidelity cd shop

Back in the day, it was reasonably simple selling items to a store like a CD Shop.  Bring in a lot of CDs, and they’ll give you a quote within a minute or so.  They’ll look for defects on the CD or DVD themselves but in most cases will accept your item.  Don’t expect much at all since these shops are likely on their last leg of existence depending on a dying category of people shopping for their stuff (sorry if I offended you!)

13:  Mercari

Bridging the gap between selling locally and online is the Mercari app…or how they deem themselves: “The Selling App.”  You’ll find DVDs, Shoes, Video Games, and pretty much anything on this app.  It’s not an OfferUp since it’s an online marketplace and you can only ship the stuff you sell, but acting more of a competitor of eBay.


Selling on Mercari is probably the most user-friendly experience of all the online marketplace apps out there!

  • Take a picture using the app
  • List the product
  • Ship it
  • Mercari takes 10% of the Final Value

10% may seem like a lot, but eBay takes a bit more including their PayPal fee.

14:  Facebook Friends

Seems like a dull choice, but you could always post a sale on Facebook through your page and see if a friend would like to purchase them from you.  After all, if they are your friends, they likely have a few things in common with you…including your taste in movies (DVDs).

You could also scan Facebook for Groups that have an interest in buying old DVDs.  As we mentioned, people like shopping for old school stuff, so take advantage of it!

15:  Craigslist

It’s last on the list because it’s a dying brand.  Sure it’s userbase is gigantic and people still use the heck out of it, but it’s still an unsafe place to buy and sell stuff.  If you are the risky type, you can always sell your DVDs through Craigslist and likely have a buyer come along eventually.  We recommend you follow these strict guidelines for safety:

  • Meet in a brightly lit PUBLIC place
  • Try to use a secondary number
  • Go with a friend if you can
  • Never send money through an app beforehand
  • Do not give out any personal information like your home address

What Are You Waiting For? Start Selling DVDs!

There are so many options to sell these old media products from local sources to online services.  Try not to be too attached to them, even though they’ve likely been a part of your home for a while now.  They are just things, it’s time to let them go!

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