Neat Services that Find RV Rentals Near You

Neat Services that Find RV Rentals Near You

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You can earn money in so many ways these days utilizing online services like Airbnb, UBER, Lyft, and so on.  Renting out your home takes some time and effort, but for those who love to travel and utilize RVs, you could also rent those out as well.  With everything becoming minimalist and the whole tiny home movement, it’s no wonder the strong growth of RVs these days.

If you are looking for a vacation, or just want to get away, renting an RV can provide a lot of freedom that other travel methods might not.  For one, an RV can go to different places while also providing a place to stay  The alternative here would be a Cruise Ship, but you aren’t confined to a specific travel schedule, with an RV you can choose any location within the contiguous United States!

  1. Traveling Hotel (on land)
  2. Freedom of Time (unlike Cruises you are on a schedule)
  3. Larger Than Most Studio Hotel Rooms
Minimalism Growing
According to Google -Minimalism Growing Steadily since 2004
Use sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy to find a massive amount of RVs to rent in your area!

Do you have an RV?  Rent it out!

By renting out your RV, if you happen to own one you can earn some great money!  Doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area with a large camping marketing,  or not, because nationwide travel isn’t limited to airplanes or boats.  RV traveling has grown in popularity due to it’s mobility factor. Here is some RVs found nearby in the Hollywood, Florida area (where we are located).  You can see, even just a night or two you can charge a couple of hundred dollars and earn some nice side income.

Renting RVs in Hollywood Area
Renting RVs in Hollywood Area

Places to find RV Rentals Near You


RVShare is a growing company with lots of options.  We’ve heard there is an available RV within every 50 miles of the USA, which is an amazing database of RVs available to prospective customers.  Plus, by joining this growing market, you’ll be a part of a community that is sure to grow.  Get your reviewed RVs in early, and grow your RV’s potential (people love good reviews after all).



Outdoorsy sports a unique interface, quick and efficient.  Once logged into the Outdoorsy interface, you’ll see local RVs listed.   Once you are ready to list your RV, here are some tips to make sure you get business.

  • Clean the RV
  • Take professional photos (inside and out)
  • Get user reviews

Bonus Money Making Idea: Own Camping Land? Rent that out!

If you or someone you know owns a land in a desirable location for camping, you should be pleased to know that you can easily rent that out now!  Just like Airbnb is for hosting homes, you can host fellow travelers to a piece of property.  Hipcamp, the new tool to get you started, offers a wide selection of camping grounds and easy sign-up process.  The interface works much like the Airbnb dashboard as you’ll see conditions to rent, including price, as well as benefits like WiFi.

Hipcamp Camping Dashboard

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