12 Apps That Save You Money on Gas

12 Apps That Save You Money on Gas

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Gas prices always change, and it seems for the worse.  Remember those days in the early 00’s that gas was under $2.00?  Remember that brief period when gas was back at that level for what seemed like less than a week in the 2010’s?  Since we’re probably never going to see gas hit those levels again, gas is expensive.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t save at the pump using some new money hacking apps.  We’ve found them all, and we’re going to show you how to save now!

1:  GetUpside

Upside seems to be the pioneer in the space of collecting 10 cents to 20 cents on gas without having to pay for anything extra.  How it works is:

  • Download the app via the app store
  • Make sure you find local gas stations
  • Find cash back deals at gas stations
  • Once you’ve paid, make sure to upload the receipt (get the receipt at the pump!)
  • Get Cash Back Money via PayPal or Check

The downside with Upside (see what we did there), is that not all states utilize the app.  However, deals can be found in these locations:

  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Delaware
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina

2:  GasBuddy

This is probably the number 1 place to find Gas prices closest to you.  Available on both iOS and Android (probably Windows OS, but who the heck uses that anymore), GasBuddy offers a unique scoring system that rewards people for updating the gas prices of local stations.  Because it’s almost like Gamifying the whole gas price industry, it’s the most popular choice of them all.

Bonus:  Gas Buddy Premium

It would be nice to find all of the gas prices in the area in one location, wouldn’t it?  Well, that’s precisely what Gas Buddy the app is!  Recently, the company behind the app has introduced a premium service where you’ll get a discount on gas prices, much like how GetUpside works.  We aren’t quite sure if it’s entirely worth the $99/yr price tag, although if you head to the gas station often, it might be worth a look!


We’ve talked about Dosh cash before, and it’s a cool app that will connect your credit card with cash back opportunities locally and online without any hassle.  You can dine at a place and learn you’ve earned money back just by eating there!  Well, occasionally the app hosts a cashback offer on gas including the Exxon deal they’ve recently posted.  Sometimes deals like these don’t last long so don’t get upset when you don’t see any specific Gas Station with Cash Back advertised.

dosh review

4:  Shell Fuel Rewards

Because loyalty matters in an industry where you go to the closest fill-up location, Shell learned that if you incentivize a customer with some money off, they may keep coming back to a particular place for gas!  That’s what Fuel Rewards is. Primarily you can earn cash back, or savings at the pump, by signing up to the program, in addition to:

  • Shopping on the Fuel Rewards site
  • Sharing the Fuel Rewards Loyalty Program with Friends
  • Signing up to the Fuel Rewards Credit Card

fuel rewards shopping portal

5:  Make It Count

Much like Fuel Rewards is for Shell, Make It Count is the rewards program for Marathon gas stations.  You’ll be able to pile up points for every fuel up!  Plus they’ve partnered up with LaQuinta Hotels so that your reward points also reflect discounts and redemption opportunities for short stays there!

Make it count promotion
We filled up and found this new loyalty program called MakeItCount by Marathon

6:  Exxon / Mobil Rewards

If you have a Mobil or Exxon Station nearby (remember they merged over a decade ago), you’ll be pleased that these guys also have a reward system that will give you discounts at the pump every time you return.  The initial sign up will save you a good amount.  We checked out our local gas station and yep there is the new sign for the new rewards program.  In case you were curious, Exxon Mobile used to work with Plenti Rewards but now have shifted towards their own rewards system.  Get a FREE 15 cents (in points) for 30 days with your new sign up!

exxon mobile rewards
Yep…Exxon Mobil has points again after leaving their old loyalty program

7:  Waze

Of course, if you are busy with rush hour traffic you are probably no stranger to the Waze app.  If you’ve been living under a rock, Waze is probably the best traffic and alternate route indicator that is available for most smart devices and will help you navigate to your destination the quickest.  Another feature on Waze is the ability to find the cheapest gas near you!

8:  RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

Cruisin’ down the highway?!  If you are stuck on the road and afraid of Jeeper’s Creepers coming out to attack you, it’s a good idea to find out which exit has the most resources nearby including cheap gas.  The RoadAhead app has a database of most domestic highway stops and gas stations to help sort out the best exit for your long distance trip!

9:  Consider UBERing On Your Way Home

A long time ago UBER was once created as a side hustle gig to help commuters lighten the financial burden of daily trips to bring neighbors back home to a location nearest you.  One of UBER’s original features was to include picking up passengers on your way home so that you can earn money driving home from work.  Now the app is overloaded with former taxi drivers and businesspeople, but that doesn’t mean there are still people in your office or workplace that could use a trip home as well!

uber destinations home commute

10:  Dash

Your driving habits are actually important to fuel consumption.  Think about it:  if you press fully down on the gas pedal and don’t anticipate stoppages, you’ll likely use more gas.  The app Dash offers a unique way to track how to fully optimize your driving and fuel consumption habits!  By purchasing a sensor, which costs $10-$20, you can monitor driving statistics through an app.  Available on iOS and Android!

11: Switch to a Plug-in Hybrid

Ok, this isn’t technically an app, but hey you can save a ton of money by getting a Hybrid car.  What that means is you’ll switch to partial electric charging rather than fully relying on gasoline.  There are now more cars with this option than you think and some are even cheap.  Head over to OfferUp, OffLeaseOnly.com, or Carvana to find out how much you’d have to pay to get one of these cars!

12:  PlugShare

If you are considering an all-electric or partial gas-electric powered car (that uses EV charging) you should absolutely check out PlugShare!  What this app will do is load a map that shows all of the available and unavailable charging stations for your car without having to do much research on your own. You’ll find pricing, reviews, and other noteworthy information that could save you a ton of time and money!

Driving is expensive, think of all of the ways you can save and things could add up!  

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